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A Hulk collection like no other - well maybe like a few others.

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  • 04/27/17--17:22: Ummm… Part 50
  • Smash me, Baby, one more time!

    ratchetbrittany hulkratchetbrittany hulk

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    The Hulk is usually full of questions – but none seem more important, more crucial, to the essence of the Hulk then Why?  Why is the army always attacking the Hulk?  Why won’t they leave him alone?  It’s like peanut … Continue reading

    ratchethulk confused 3ratchethulk confused 3

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    The Hulk usually isn’t aware of why his foes attack him – all he does know is that he will not be beaten.  That’s always been the charm of the classic, savage Hulk – his child-like innocence even when he’s … Continue reading

    ratchethulk confused 4hulk confused 5ratchethulk confused 4hulk confused 5

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    Truly, this is one of the hardest questions to answer!  Why?  Why is alright for people to attack the Hulk but when the tables are turned it’s suddenly not?  The Hulk has said many times over that all he wants … Continue reading

    ratchetwhy (2)ratchetwhy (2)

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    I like how Hulk never questions why he’s battling a gigantic robot in space or how he got himself into said situation – instead the fact that he can’t hear himself speak is what is most puzzling to him.

    ratchetspace hulk (2)ratchetspace hulk (2)

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    We’re faced with yet another scene where the Hulk is being attacked by who he thought he were his friends and the Hulk is unaware why.  They could have – or should have titled his series “The Ever Curious Hulk” … Continue reading

    ratchetSavageHulk (2)ratchetSavageHulk (2)

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    Ever find yourself apologizing and thinking to yourself “Why am I apologizing?”  The Hulk is not known for him apologizing so if it were me in this situation I would have taken the “sorry” and run with it – but … Continue reading

    ratchethulk confusedratchethulk confused

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    Meeting a foe for the very first time must be hard!  You can never take the first battle as definitive as both characters are just learning what the other can do!  What powers each one has and how they use … Continue reading


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    I’ve said it for years now – the most powerful person in the MU is the Invisible Woman.  With her ability to create airtight force fields there really is no Earth bound hero who could take her on.  One force … Continue reading

    ratchetCCI05032017_0003 (3)ratchetCCI05032017_0003 (3)

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    Sometimes being left alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  The Hulk might not want others around but then you’re just left alone with your thoughts.  When you’re as monosyllabic as the Savage Hulk and things don’t make sense … Continue reading

    ratchetCCI02092017 (2)ratchetCCI02092017 (2)

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  • 07/04/17--21:35: Old School Ads 5
  • Can you name them all?  They cheat a little with initials – I could do it without the cheat sheet – but can you?  No googling!

    ratchethulk facesratchethulk faces

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    Not sure that was the best comeback – but Hulk has never been known as the smart one… unless you consider the merged Hulk.

    ratchetCCI06012017 (2)ratchetCCI06012017 (2)

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    That time that you were looking for your greatest foe and couldn’t find them because they are you.  Reminds me of the skinnier version of me that fat Ratchet is always looking for.  He’s in there somewhere!  Show yourself more … Continue reading

    ratchetimg_6748 (2)ratchetimg_6748 (2)

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    Even when the heroes act less than heroic they still blame everything on the Hulk.  I was waiting for the “Why did you make us send you through space to another planet?” argument.  I never felt as though Marvel sufficiently … Continue reading

    ratchetuntitled (2)fnf_minimarvels1_350x278ratchetuntitled (2)fnf_minimarvels1_350x278

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